This is one of the largest murals in the history of urban art in Italy

The mural has been painted by the urban artist Ale Senso , on one side of the beach.
largest murals in history

We have seen murals of all styles and also of all sizes but this time we are talking about a 2,287 square meter mural that covers an area that includes a basketball court, a soccer field and a volleyball court, it is really huge, it is one of the largest ever painted. 

The mural has been painted by the urban artist Ale Senso , on one side of the beach.

Senso was born in Bergamo (Italy) in 1977 and started attending art school in 1990, but it was when he was 15 years old that he fell in love with spray painting, when he found a brochure in a provincial library with an invitation to participate in a contest organized by a youth center in Ponte San Pietro, in which he had to spray paint the perimeter wall of a small soccer field.

Murals by and for the community

Ale Senso ( web ) participated together with other urban artists in a new urban regeneration project who were commissioned to create a work of Street art in five basketball courts on the seafront of San Vito lo Capo, where Ale Senso spent 26 days working tirelessly on his work entitled “Quiet”.

Ale-Senso-Quiete-SAB-Immense mural project

The artist chose to represent the land and the sea through a visual metaphor of two figures, one sand-colored and the other sky-blue, becoming one. These two elements, the land and the sea, represent the union of different elements and the awareness of being part of a whole that goes beyond the individual elements.

To complete the giant mural, Senso enlisted the help of extraordinary collaborators. and the creation of this work “Quiet” was sponsored by the municipality of San Vito Lo Capo and made possible thanks to the support and help of the community and students of various artistic institutes.

In other words, a work done by the community for the community.

Ale-Senso-Quiete-SAB-view drone

Ale-Senso-Quiete-SAB-Project legsAle-Senso-Quiete-SAB-Project seaAle-Senso-Quiete-SAB-Immense land and sea mural projectAle-Senso-Quiete-SAB-Project starfishAle-Senso-Quiete-SAB-Project detailAle-Senso-Quiete-SAB-Project corals

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