Qurable: the new crypto marketplace that is capturing the attention of international investors

Challenging what has been known until now, Qurable presents herself as a facilitator who helps digital and cryptographic natives to project and extend their personality through the objects they choose and love.

Promising start-up from Argentina closed a million dollar pre-seed investment round led by Newtopia VC

Qurable comes to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies with an innovative concept that achieved the support of the venture capital firm Newtopia. The new marketplace 3.0 of unique digital and physical objects allows artists, designers and brands to create and sell their products in different metaverses. This proposal seeks to expand the horizons of the market, integrating the world of art, fashion, music, real estate and sports to new technologies and economies.

Challenging what has been known until now, Qurable presents herself as a facilitator who helps digital and cryptographic natives to project and extend their personality through the objects they choose and love. In this way, it seeks to prepare the foundations to bring the lifestyle of millions of people from a physical world to their digital identity.

“The objects we collect speak for us, they tell a story about who we are and our culture. We strongly believe that in the near future, all things that project our identity will have a digital representation like an NFT stored in a crypto wallet. Therefore, the new way to interact socially, build trust and meet people with similar interests in the metaverse will be showing your collectibles and the role of Qurable will be essential for this to happen”, explains Federico García, CEO and co-founder.

The company is the fruit of years of work by a team of talents with experience and vision in technology, as well as a broad business vision: Federico García, Javier Arguello, Rodolfo Finochietti and Sergio Borromei have worked together for almost 15 years in the development of digital products for large companies. They were co-founders of Lagash, an international boutique software house with more than 500 employees, acquired by Mercadolibre in 2020.

The proposal is as ambitious as it is attractive and projects a global reach, which is why Newtopia, one of the most relevant investment funds in Latin America, will finance and promote the venture, providing mentoring and tools for its organization and growth. “We look for projects that transform, combining talent and technology, that is why we are happy to accompany the Qurable team in their quest to facilitate access to the metaverse for designers, companies and users, in interface with the physical and digital world, and thus allow that more and more people can take advantage of its benefits”, says Mariano Mayer, Managing Partner of Newtopia.

Qurable allows creators to connect directly with their audiences on virtual platforms, generating a new product category called phygital, which involves the integration of physical and digital elements. In turn, the brands will be able to give their users new exclusivity benefits, with access to unique activities. In this way, actors from different disciplines converge in the same digital ecosystem, in which they can meet to curate, create and offer their work.

“The metaverse is the promise of a place where people can express themselves freely and be what they want to be. Where the barriers of the physical world no longer apply and new ways of thinking about the economy and also about our society are allowed,” he declares. Javier Arguello, CTO and co-founder of Qurable.

The platform has differentials that make it a global pioneer:

  • Any creation can be acquired or transacted both in Crypto and in FIAT (Fiat currency), but being resources based on blockchain, the final value is always in crypto, thus functioning as a kind of Exchange based on resources.
  • It is established as the first marketplace in the world that will create operable multi-chain and multi-metaverse NFTs.
  • All NFTs that are part of Qurable can be displayed and used in any space where a virtual world is projected.
  • The platform eliminates all transactional frictions and will allow to operate without a crypto wallet, being Qurable custody of the NFTs as long as the user prefers it.

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