Qurable: Art, Fashion and Luxury in the Metaverse

The new crypto marketplace created in Argentina was officially launched to the world with an immersive experience at the Faena Art Center.
Qurable marketplace

The new crypto marketplace created in Argentina was officially launched to the world with an immersive experience at the Faena Art Center.

Qurable is the first global web 3.0 marketplace for exclusive and highly curated collectibles in NFT format. This new digital ecosystem allows creators from different disciplines to come together to create and offer their works, to connect with a new digital audience in the metaverse. The main objective of the platform is to simplify the web 3.0 user experience, laying the foundations for bringing the lifestyle of millions of people from a physical world to their digital identity.

This Wednesday, April 27, its launch took place at the imposing Faena Art Center, with an event attended by more than 200 leading guests from the world of art, sports, business, fashion, real estate and technology. The exhibition center located in Puerto Madero was transformed into a great immersive experience that invited all attendees to immerse themselves in the metaverse.

Among the most prominent guests were: the Minister of Culture of the City, Enrique Avogadro; the general director of the Teatro Colón, Jorge Telerman, together with his wife, the artist Cynthia Cohen; the artists Cristián Mohaded, Vicente Grondona and Blanca Isabel Álvarez de Toledo; film director Armando Bo; fashion designers Juan Hernández Daels, Cynthia Kern, María Cher, Evangelina Bomparola, Florencia Torrente, Diego Romero and María Gorof. All event attendees will receive an NFT called Qurable Genesis as a gift, a unique and limited piece developed by the brand to be used on the platform or collected in their own digital wallets.

The platform has 7,000 NFTs and a community of hundreds of creators, which brings together renowned artists, designers, musicians, and fashion brands:

Art and music: Cristián Mohaded, Vicente Grondona, Juan Becu, Ariel Mlynerzewicz, Max Bellman, Alfredo Dufour, Luis Moro, Angel Gabriel, Federico Infante, Amaya Bouquet, Elias Santis, Mariano Giraud, Manuel Ameztoy, Nicolás Dominguez Nacif, vrartisan, artis4lovers , Claudio Roncoli, Francisca Oyhanarte, Richie Hell, Enzo Luciano, Luis Moro, Ro Barragán, Lino Divas, El Pelele, Daniel Melero, lalana.

Fashion and design: Cher, Bomparola, Kosiuko, Herencia Argentina, This is Feliz Navidad, Sadaels, Nous Etudions, Guido, Paogi, Helicia, Ladies Polo world.

Challenging what has been known before, Qurable allows creators to connect directly with their audiences on virtual platforms. This gives rise to a new product category called phygital, which involves the integration of physical and digital elements. In turn, the brands will be able to give their users exclusivity benefits, with access to unique activities.

“We are facing a new market paradigm, the web 3.0 and the metaverse will model the behavior and the way in which human beings interact in the coming decades. This great technological disruption entails great challenges of use. Our objective is to continuously reduce the frictions that these processes can generate, in order to unleash and expand the full potential of the new digital age”, explains Federico García, CEO and co-founder.

“The objects we collect speak for us, they tell a story about who we are and our culture. We strongly believe that in the near future, all things that project our identity will have a digital representation such as an NFT stored in a crypto wallet and the role of Qurable will be instrumental in making this happen."
The imposing Faena Art Center
The platform has differentials that make it a global pioneer:

Any creation can be acquired or transacted in both crypto and FIAT (Fiat currency), but being blockchain-based resources, the final value is always in crypto, thus functioning as a kind of object-based Exchange.
It is established as the first marketplace in the world that will create operable multi-chain and multi-metaverse NFTs.

All NFTs that are part of Qurable can be displayed and used in any space where a virtual world is projected.

The platform eliminates all transactional frictions and will allow to operate without a crypto wallet, keeping the NFTs that a user buys in Qurable for as long as the user prefers.

For more information, you can visit qurable.co | Instagram | LinkedIn

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