Paintings (?) made with a bicycle

Anthony Hoyte says that just as people see shapes in clouds, he sees shapes in roads.
bicycle paintings

Thanks to an app for cyclists that measures road performance, interest in the art of drawing virtual drawings while cycling outdoors has grown.

Anthony Hoyte says that just as people see shapes in clouds, he sees shapes in roads. He plans, measures and sketches his projects before taking the bike. And he draws along the way, but not as if it were an act of circus skill, but as an exercise in high performance, in which his long tours of the city are designed to create surprising urban drawings.


Hoyte is one of the many users of the Strava app, a mobile app that measures performance on the road. But he and many other cyclists have taken their duties beyond the merely sporting. This is because the application leaves the route demarcated from the beginning of the route to its end, which Hoyte and other cycle artists use as a line for these virtual drawings.


Thus, this British cyclist has become known for an exercise that requires planning for up to three months, as well as various measurements and calculations. Christmas greetings, animals, caricatures and many other figures are part of the work that is reflected in the Strava maps. Then, with the characteristic orange line of the app, he shares his works on the same platform and his social networks.


Another cyclist who has joined this trend is Lenny Maughan, who creates minimalist figures that collect the iconography and symbols of American culture on the streets of San Francisco. There is also Gary Cordery, who travels the world making impressive portraits of artists, and Pete Rabbit, a cycling artist who plays with humor in each ride recorded on Strava.

Gary Cordely – Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Source:

These are just a few examples of a practice that is gaining more and more followers: people who, while seeking to improve their physical performance, explore public space through art while creating large-scale figures in an unusual format. An excellent solution to combine physical activity and artistic concerns.

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