¿Controversy? Works of art made on dead cockroaches

Brenda Delgado surprised Internet users when she began to spread her material on social networks.
cockroach painting

An Artist discovered the properties of insect wings when she was cleaning her home and hasn’t changed her canvas since then.

The creativity of the artists has no limits, much less in terms of paintings, where the figures, landscapes and other representations are admirable for their beauty. However, on Instagram the story of an artist from the Philippines who stands out for the canvas she uses to make her work went viral.

It is that the painting professional uses dead cockroaches to capture the works that arise in her head, generating criticism and compliments in her followers. In this context, Brenda Delgado surprised Internet users when she began to spread her material on social networks.

According to Delgado, it all started when he was cleaning his home in the city of Manila and started sweeping up dead insects. It was there that he discovered that his wings were soft and shiny, therefore they could be a good canvas to capture his works. From that moment he began to paint on the cockroaches with inks that easily adapted to the aforementioned surface.

Delgado encourages his colleagues to experiment and bring out all their imagination

In an Instagram post, the artist said, “To my fellow artists, don’t be afraid to explore your talents and challenge yourself to do things you think are impossible,” referring to her canvases and also to the criticism she received and will continue to receive.

Delgado began by copying works of art such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. Then, at the request of his followers, he began to venture into replicas of figures from the big screen, such as Peter Parker in his Spider-Man costume or SpongeBob SquarePants.

Art? Crafts? Animal abuse? Absolute vanguard?

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