“Art films”: see the list of recommended movies. PART 1

If you have exhausted the offer of the conventional mainstream, check this list of art films that address the subject of art from different perspectives.
Art Films

If you have exhausted the offer of the conventional mainstream, here we share the first part of our recommended films that address the subject of art from different perspectives.

Rob Rodin (2017)

One morning in June 2005, the guards of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Chile noticed that a million-dollar sculpture by Auguste Rodin had been stolen. 24 hours after the event, a shy art student returns the piece, arguing that he had stolen it as part of an art project.

A great documentary about the dilemmas of art that intertwines the figure of one of the most famous modern European artists with one of the most unknown contemporary Chilean artists.

Far, the most recommended of this post.

It can be seen on Vimeo by CLICKING HERE . Password : Adele

Rob Rodin Trailer

F for Fake (1973)

Directed by  Orson Welles , this film is a full-fledged hard-hitting cinematic fake in mockumentary form centering on forger and painter  Elmyr de Hory  and his biographer  Clifford Irving , also known for being sentenced to two years in jail for writing a biography Fake  Howard Hughes. A true false reflection about the truth.

This movie is available on Youtube. It can be seen HERE .

Trailer de F for Fake

Painter (2020)

The film is set in the contemporary art world of Los Angeles. Joanne Marco, a wealthy art collector and benefactor, has been searching for an artistic genius. When she discovers a young, unknown painter named Aldis Browne, she becomes obsessed, shaping a psychosexual relationship fueled by jealousy and delusion.

The film proves to be not only a compelling thriller but also a sharp examination of the sacrifices we make to succeed and the justifications we use to live with them. It’s a deadly plunge into a ruthless world where fragile egos collide with equally fragile psyches.

The film can be viewed online at lulalula.tv. See “Painter” : HERE 

Painter Trailer

The Painter and the Thief(2020)

When two paintings by Czech naturalist painter Barbora Kysilkova are stolen from an art gallery in Oslo, Norwegian authorities quickly identify the two thieves responsible, but find no trace of the artwork.

Hoping to find out what has happened, Barbora approaches one of the thieves, Karl-Bertil Nordland, during a hearing. He asks if he is willing to have a portrait made of him, and Nordland agrees.

What comes next – a series of portraits over the years – is an extraordinary story of human connection and friendship.

The Painter and the Thief Trailer

The Family Fang ( 2015)

This film (the most pochoclera of the selection) tells the story of an eccentric family of artists dedicated to performing  in public.

A totally atypical father and mother dedicate themselves to spontaneous performances  in public places involving their two children (Jason Bateman and Nicole Kidman) in them. While many people consider them artists, others consider them clowns and, in the midst of all this life dedicated entirely to the show, two brothers have fun (in principle) playing the roles that their parents prepare.

Given the eccentric premise from which the film starts and the fact that it is directed by one of the greatest cynical comedians in the US (Jason Bateman), one would never have foreseen that the film would turn out to be a sensitive piece with such wide range of emotions.

An interesting film to think what is the limit of performance.

It can be seen on Netflix : HERE

Trailer for The Fang Family

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